Little Pete's Railroad is an award winning and unique trackless children's train that is functional, realistic, and enjoyable for all ages. Our train is great for fairs, festivals, charity fund raisers, parades, grand openings, Church events, corporate and birthday parties and similar type public and private events.

About Us:

Little Pete's Railroad originated in 2004 with a few homemade barrel cars pulled by a riding lawnmower. Since then Little Pete's Railroad has gone through six years of research, design and develpment to include an engine, coal car (tender), six barrel cars, and a caboose. Each year Little Pete's Railroad travels all over the Eastern United States cultivating smiles and making memories in the lives of over 8,000 kids, young people, and adults! A trip on Little Pete's Railroad is more than just a ride, it's an adventure as children, young people and adults interact with Little Pete and participate in their journey. It's an adventure you will remember for a long, long time!
Little Pete's Railroad was conceived, developed and continues to operate for the purpose of building childhood dreams and making memories that will last a lifetime!

Our Mission:

Little Pete's Railroad
Building Dreams and Making Memories
A Trackless Children's Train
Sevierville, Tennessee
"Little" Pete and Stella Lamon
All Aboard!
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A trackless children's train is an effective tool for business development, children's ministry, charitable fund raising or marketing.

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